Sunday, May 27, 2007


And what was I doing walking around with only a cell cam?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Willamena was right there ready to help me rip into the box when my new Gibson Les Paul Studio arrived.
She was however, a little disappointed when she realized the styrofoam popcorns weren't edible, and that the item inside was a treat for me and not for her. My only gripe is that it arrived just one day too late to try-out to be an official subway musician!

The day before, the MTA held it's yearly auditions at Grand Central. Only about 100 of those acts you see drumming and strumming and singing are recognized by the MTA.

There are 150 performances a week at 25 locations. The program began in 1985 and every year about 20 spaces open up.

That gives me just about a year to learn to play!

I told everyone when I won my Gibson in Vegas that I couldn't wait to get back to New York City so I could perform in the subway.
What do you think? John Mayer, watch out. I already have the face down. Now I just need the finger moves.


Before I could even pretend to play anywhere, I needed a shoulder strap. So

I went to the legendary Dan's Chelsea Guitars.
Owner Dan Courtenay had the perfect $7.00 strap for me, yet apologized his selection was low because some movie shoot had just nearly wiped out his supply. Then as he was showing me how to put it on, he looked at my Gibson and said, "If you are doing a photo shoot, you need a cool OLD instrument. How is this Rickenbacker?" "And take Matt, too."
A Ricky and a Matt!
He was so nice, he ended up giving me a few lessons, even teaching me 'G."

After returning Matt and the Ricky, we headed North to Strawberry Fields. People liked my sign, and I ended up getting both kinds of tips. Someone threw in a dollar. (I made her take it back.) And I also got some playing tips.