Thursday, September 21, 2006

DevilOkay I hate people who force their animals to endure the embarrassment of "dress up." I don't even accept bandanas around a dog's neck. However, having just been asked what I was going to be for Halloween, and having no idea, made me really want Willamena to have an outfit for pictures when I saw some at a department store.

In the past, I've tried to stick to putting her in front of landmarks when I take pictures, but this Halloween, Mena is going as the Devil! I don't have a kid to dress up, so poor Willamena, bear with me. Its not my fault.

I was at work out on a story about fans celebrating the METS having won the NL East division championship for the first time in 18 years. We pulled up in front of the sports store we were going to look for Champ T-shirts at when we decided to go to the bathroom at the next door Old Navy. The bathrooms are downstairs, next to all the baby stuff. Normally I would walk right by all of it, but they already had costumes out. Frogs, fluffy tigers with stuffed fish bones in the pocket, bears, even a pirate, which made me hysterical since Tuesday was "Talk Like A Pirate Day."

"ERRR I'm not a bay- bee!"

So after laughing over all the baby stuff and going to the restroom, I head back upstairs to leave. Wouldn't you know right in the front aisle they have their dog outfits out as well? The devil was the only appropriate one for Mena. There was a tutu, a bumble bee outfit, bat wings, something I couldn't decifer, and the devil. But there is more. Just a few weeks ago, I bought her a talking toy for Halloween. (Yes, I bought a Halloween toy early September- or was it still August?) Anyway, its shaped like the devil and when you bite into it it says "The Devil made me do it, the Devil Made Me Do it!" That is so Willamena I had to have it. I am hoping to learn to use the audio on the videocam on my new MotoQ in time to capture whatever mess Mena makes next. Before I clean it up, I'll have Willamena dressed like this with her doll screaming "The Devil Made Me Do It." You might even receive it in an email if I learn how to send that as well. Feel free to delete.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tribeca Statue

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This is a picture of a statue I walk by after getting off the Franklin street subway stop on my way to eat at Bubby's.
When my mom and dad were in New York City visiting my mom took the picture because a friend we were with was being funny and pointed it out as the original, or practice model of the Statue of Liberty. My mom played along like she believed the nonsence. It was smart on her part, because since she was also pretending to be excited about such a find, she was able to get an otherwise unwilling group to pose around the statue. (But that is another picture.)
As for Bubby's,it is good southern eatin'. Even my father, who knows his eggs and bisquits and syrup, enjoyed the meal. Bubby's, it is good southern eatin'. Even my father, who knows his eggs and bisquits and syrup, enjoyed the meal.