Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Backyard Birthday Bash
Willamena's backyard, Central Park, is celebrating the 150th anniversary of it's design this year.

Instead of a bouquet of helium balloons --that would only get stuck up in the trees anyway-- the Central Park Conservancy and City Parks & Rec joined with AeroBalloon to offer rides in this large helium-filled balloon through August 22nd.

Visitors go up, up -- up 30 stories -- but not away. The balloon is tethered.

See more pictures here.

Willamena hasn't gone up- she prefers to stay grounded. Actually, she's always trying to get at the core of the park. She'd dig her way that direction if she had her way.

You can go skyward everyday 10am to 10pm until August 22nd. The location is Cherry Hill, on 72nd street. It costs 25-dollars for adults and $17.50 children.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Willamena as Bat Mena in The Dark Dog.

In honor of the opening of The Dark Knight, Bat Mena explores some of her favorite caves in Central Park. 

But wouldn't you know it, she finds green slime in her watering hole, and now must be a news hound to find out what joker is responsible. 

The full story of The Dark Dog is COMING SOON.....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The new Mino was supposed to be used as a collar cam today, but instead, it caught some flames as Willamena's apartment was starting to fill with smoke.

Outside people gathered to watch as numerous crews fought this apartment fire.

Back inside the apartment, you can see firemen putting out hotspots.

And ouch. Look at his poor flooded terrace.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Okay, so a girl and her dog have to practice when it comes to learning new equipment.
Mena's new Mino is smaller than my Blackberry. It weighs less than a large Milkbone. You Can imagine it's a little different to shoot with than the 30-pound monsters I've carried on my shoulder.
So last video we were leaving Central Park to sit in Alternate side parking. It was too hot to sit in the car, so we sat on a stoop near our car.
Here is our little video. (Soon these will be all edited and polished, so enjoy these rough cuts while you can!)
Willamena is introduced to the new Flip Mino phone. As you watch this video, you'll see we're just getting our paws adjusted to the features. Coming soon- the Mena Mino Collar Cam. Off-leash hours will never be the same.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

DOG DAYS OF SUMMER or X-treme Mena Season? July 3 - August 11

Willamena loves getting an extra walk at night because it isn't dark yet. She also likes hanging out in Central Park with a blanket and picnic during free concerts.

However, she does not fancy the hot sidewalks. When it comes to the weather, Willamena prefers mild spring or fall days; the days she gets to run and play in the park for hours without dehydrating or snot-sicles forming in our noses. Yet possibly her favorite time of year is snow-digging season.

But since this is the time of year that The Dog Star, Sirius, shines the brightest, we get Dog Days, which begin July 3rd and end August 11th.

The Dog Star is visible with the rising Sun at this time of year. Ancients associated the bright star with the hot weather during the time. Sirius is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major (Greater Dog).

If there was an XM star, and it happened to shine during either flower blooming season or snow shoveling, Mena would try to promote X-treme Mena season.