Wednesday, July 04, 2007

All You Need is An Audience.

4th of July in New York City!

Mena enjoys the tricks of others, since she is good at pulling her own. "Hmmm. I could reach the top counter cookies if I could smuggle a stick into the apartment and balance it on my tongue."

So we didn't stay much longer, didn't want her getting too many ideas.

Taking a break to google a statue in th city, a woman eating an ice cream cone approached and asked in her most proper English accent, "do they eh'-ver allow dogs off the leash in the paark?" I explained before nine am and after nine pm.

"That's Lov'ely."

I told her a few years ago on the 4th a friend and I met and spoke with some men from the Royal Navy.

"They're here now! I just saw some a mo'-ment a ago."

"My husband has a tie with a British emblem on it. He said he was going to wear it out tonight. And I said NOOO'."

Didn't see any of those bloody blokes.