Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mena's Story- on National Dog Day

I started this blog in 2006. You can read past posts of adventures of Mena and me in Manhattan if you click through the screen right column. However, prior to blogging and moving to New York City, Mena took some pretty fabulous pictures of her times upstate New York.

Our home in Corning
Since Mena passed in November of 2013, It's been too difficult to revive this blog. However, with it's history, as well as CT Press Club Award, it must continue. I've just been waiting for the right revival time. So Happy National Dog Day, Mena!

Park in Corning
We moved to Upstate New York from Dallas summer 1998. Already Dallas had hit 100 every day for three months. Upstate, specifically Elmira, was like early fall upon arrival.  My station was in Horseheads, NY, we lived in Corning. Mena learned to love the local cheese.

She ate my entire purchase when I left her out with it in my convertible to go in and buy local wine and apples.  She also enjoyed Buttermilk Falls park in Ithaca and hiking the gorges.

We only lived there three months before we moved to Utica, New York where we called home for three years. Mena loved the snow and hiking the Adirondacks and Catskills. Then after nine months in Kingston, NY, we moved to the Upper West Side of Manhattan in 2001. Until 2010 Central Park and Riverside Parks were Mena's backyards.

Mena in the Catskills
Moving back upstate, this time without Mena, has brought back so many pre-NYC memories that weren't captured in this blog. Mena would have loved it here, all of the 400-year-old architecture to pose in front of, as well as the state parks and bars.

I couldn't decide whether to start yet another blog, or continue on this one. With Mena's spirit in mind, and some file photos "never seen online," watch this space.
Watching St. Patrick's Day parade from Kingston window
Daily walk around Kingston rondout

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby Mena when we first moved to Upstate New York. In the drive half-way across country from Dallas, Texas she learned how to climb steps up to motel rooms. She also learned she loved toilet water.

This picture is about six years later on the streets of New York City. She loved long cold walks, as well as all the smells on the sidewalk.