Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This Halloween:

"Supermena in Metropolis."

The newshound is a direct descendent of Krypto, Superman's dog from Krypton.

She was at work at the Daily Planet when duty called.

A tourist was about to go Uptown instead of Downtown on the 1 at Columbus Circle.

She rushed back to meet deadline, but was still caught on cam by Jimmy Olson.

It isn't easy finding a phonebooth in Metropolis anymore. Not like back in the days of 1950s Marvel.
Another task on this all hallows eve, to wiggle some walk room between strollers on the sidewalk.

Before heading back to The Fortress of Solitude, Supermena meets up with Supergirl.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Willamena the newshound takes off her Clark Kent glasses, abandons her notepad and leaves her camera in the apartment this Halloween.

Instead, she will fly high over Metropolis to reveal her true identity:


I guess I get to be Lois Lane.