Wednesday, January 09, 2008

FOUND: BUTTON. Black. Please contact...

New York City. Home of "be careful with your wallet. Wear it around your neck on a cord and tuck it in your shirt so no one will steal it."
The place where the mentality is "each one for himself."
"If you can make it here you can make it anywhere."
I just have to say that New York City isn't living up to it's billing lately.

I enter into testimony a button. Yes. A button. This faux-leather covered, less than an inch, black button. It fell off my long overcoat a few days ago. When I got home and realized it was gone I was upset. UGH! I lost a button!
It was the bottom button and I was wearing the coat without it. And with the past two days warm temperatures, I didn't even wear the coat yesterday. So basically I had forgotten about my tragic loss.
UNTIL TODAY WHEN I FOUND IT HANGING ON THE GATE OF A DOG PARK FOR ME. My button. It must have fallen off my coat in the dog park. Someone saw it in the gravel-ish wet-ish litter-box-ish terrain and thought "A button! Someone lost this and will be looking for it!"

When you lose a button you immediately deal with the fact it is gone. Unless you have saved the extra button that came with it upon purchase, you are just without a matching replacement button. But not in New York City. Seems living here if you lose a button, someone will find it and place it in one of the free doggie poop bags and tie it to the gate of the dog park for you to find and bring to the corner dry cleaner to sew back on.

A button.

And I surprised when my drivers license, credit card and business card that all fell out of my pocket while walking along Central Park South on THANKSGIVING following the parade were returned to me. The lady that found them ended up seeing me on the street looking for them nearly an hour after they were lost and yelled out, "Heather?"

But a button? I mean, I am very appreciative, I just think it is hysterical! I finally have good luck, and it's wasted on finding a button?

New York City come on!