Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Willabeast strikes again.
Actually, I think it's time to call in the big dog to spook the Philly Phillies as we head into game two of the World Series.

Upper West Side dog is a Yankees fan, and she wants a win. Last year she haunted Philladelphia with her devilish antics- so maybe she left behind a curse.
Click here to see the Willabeast's Haunted Philly tour.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Help the Willa-Beast choose a Halloween Costume!

Remember Willamena's visit to the Bull and Bears as a Mutt-ador?

Click here to read her post about the stock market last October and click here for the pics with the bears!

However, we still need to decide what Willamena will wear this Halloween! I was thinking lab- tekkie. Maybe put a white coat and give her an i-Paw. I'm holding out for something better. Send me your ideas.

Every year we revisit the Willa-beast's haunted tour of NYC-
so CLICK HERE ...if you DARE...

Oh, she has also already been "Super-Mena."

But don't worry, I'm sure I'll find something with all the help retailers are sending.
I think the emails starting arriving mid-September.
Amazon, ebay and a company I don't remember ever ordering from, filled my in-box with titles such as "$10 Off Costumes." "Don't be left without a costume!" "The best ones are going fast."

They're said to be spooked about consumer spending this entire upcoming holiday season. A survey by the National Retail Federation says Americans plan to spend 15-percent less on Halloween this year.
Even following a dismal retail report yesterday, futures are up this morning. News 12 Business Reporter Bob Plunkett says some analysts think that after everyone's "NO-spending sprees" all year, as soon as people start shopping for gifts, they WILL make the impulse buys for themselves.

After all the tricks, maybe it is time to treat yourself.
In moderation.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I love that trees in Central Park are labeled. I can stop and look at them and know who they are and where they came from. I thought it was great the other day in Connecticut when I noticed some trees near the Bruce Museum in Greenwich were labeled as well. I started telling my friend Dwight about how I love reading labels on trees when I noticed, I was labeled. We had been at a media event, and not only did I still have my name tag on, I was labeled "New 12" instead of "News 12."
But this also reminded me of another time I had a label- and so here is the story of not just being labeled, but of where we put those labels.

If you watched the video, you heard about how I left a news conference with a name tag on, but how my photographer reminded me to take it off before shooting a stand-up. I'm not going to litter, so I pulled the sticker off my chest and put it on my back-side. Of course people walking by had to let me know I had something on my....

AND that story reminds me of a Halloween a few years earlier. As morning anchor, I like to have a costume, but I can't wear it all morning long, I mean, I am a serious journalist. So that year, I wore a white suit, brought along bunny ears, tail and a duster. I was a "dust bunny." Get it?

So we took some pictures for the blog. My photographer was supposed to remind me to take off the tail, but wouldn't you know it, we got called out to breaking news and I'm running around asking people what happened. I couldn't understand why they all kept telling me how much they liked my suit.

Finally I turned to 'not face' my photographer and asked, I took that tail off, right?
"Umm, NO."

Good thing Halloweeen is a Saturday this year and I'm not working!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hey fellow Twitter fans.
Whether you use the social networking site for conversation or marketing or a way to never eat dinner alone, you should be aware of local tweet-ups and opportunities to meet people with whom you share links.
I'm excited to attend the upcoming #140 Conference in London, because I met so many agitators and movers and inspired thinkers at Jeff Pulver's #140 New York back in June.

As Pulver's gatherings move forward, he says #140conf is not about microblogging or the place where people share twitter “tips and techniques” but rather where we explore the effects of the real-time Internet on Business.

You can still register for #140 Los Angeles (October 27th-28th,) #140 London (November 17th,) and #140 Tel Aviv.
Maybe you are wondering how to get an opportunity to speak at one of these, or future events? @jer979 (Jeremy Epstein) spoke at #140 NYC and said he read every tweet by founder Jeff Pulver. He says he know what Jeff was looking for, and was able to respond and make a pitch based on what he knew about Jeff through his tweets. He explains why following only a select few works for him in this little video I shot with him at #140 NYC.

With all that is out there on Twitter, how can one read every single tweet of someone they follow? Simple strategy according to @jer979. When he spoke at #140 in NYC, he actually "got some boos" when he told the crowd that he only follows 140 people. He says it allows him to read every tweet and post and link of the experts he follows.
However, checking in with him now, he is only following 99 people!

I don't remember exactly what it was, but something @jer979 said at #140 conf influenced some interesting works from Jeff Pulver. After Epstein spoke, Pulver went on to say how twitter and blogs and your footprint on the internet are your legacies. Your words are there for future generations to read; ways to get to know you better.

With that in mind, see you at #140 London!