Friday, December 01, 2006

Rockefeller xmas 013
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Since it was too crowded to take Willamena to the lighting of the Rockefeller tree Wednesday night, we made our annual trek the next day.
I was taking pictures of her alone, when a stranger asked if I wanted him to take our picture.
It was actually a challenge because Mena is used to me taking pictures of her. So she kept facing me and looking at me. I yelled out at him to say the word "treat" but in doing so she looked at me again. I'd say he did a great job. But he cut off the star. If you go, look for the people from NBC taking pictures. They take several, then give you a card letting you know where you can find them online. They don't pressure you to buy any, but you will want to. I am ordering several of Mena and me. I would post one for you to see, but they are copyrighted.

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