Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Backyard Birthday Bash
Willamena's backyard, Central Park, is celebrating the 150th anniversary of it's design this year.

Instead of a bouquet of helium balloons --that would only get stuck up in the trees anyway-- the Central Park Conservancy and City Parks & Rec joined with AeroBalloon to offer rides in this large helium-filled balloon through August 22nd.

Visitors go up, up -- up 30 stories -- but not away. The balloon is tethered.

See more pictures here.

Willamena hasn't gone up- she prefers to stay grounded. Actually, she's always trying to get at the core of the park. She'd dig her way that direction if she had her way.

You can go skyward everyday 10am to 10pm until August 22nd. The location is Cherry Hill, on 72nd street. It costs 25-dollars for adults and $17.50 children.

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