Saturday, December 29, 2007


Now that Willamena is back in New York City from her white Christmas New Hampshire visit, she wants her typical NYC Holiday pics.
However, security is the grinch this year.
The security guard in this picture was on his way over to say get away, "no dogs." She didn't understand considering this area is a public sidewalk.
She came to this side because she had just been chased away by another security guard by the angels.
That is where the people from NBC take pictures at no charge. You are given a slip with a website and number. You can view your pictures on line and order if you wish. There isn't any pressure. It's a great holiday shot. BUT NO! I asked if that was a new policy, the guard said dogs have never been allowed. Prior today, it has never been an issue. Look at last year's photo. It was taken by a tourist offering to help us out. There was security everywhere, but we weren't told to leave.
Maybe it's for the best. Because of the embarrassing exile, Mena now wants to find unusual places to take NYC Holiday pics. She promises to have them posted before the New Year.

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