Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Abandoned Puppies

Three puppies need a home! These two guys and a gal were left abandoned on a country road in Texas without food or water. My dad found them on his way to the post office to mail jalapenos he grew for me. (We must name one Jalapeno.)

It was a very hot day. Imagine- 98-degrees, no water or food, just left to die on the side of the road.

My mom says these pups are so young they tried to nurse her dog once they got them home, but at least they are old enough to eat. Actually, mom said they ate and ate and then ate her dog's food. Look at the round belly on the one lying down.

If anyone in Texas wants a pup, let me know.
Willamena was a rescue dog. Here are two of her earliest pics. She just turned 11 in April.

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Lauren said...

Poor doggies! I'm so glad your dad found them and took them home! Hope they find good homes for them.
The one with the round belly probably has worms right?

Poor guys! :(
Wish I could take one!