Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Having overslept on Monday morning, I was slightly worried about getting up in time for work Tuesday. Both of my cell phones, which are my alarms, seemed to be acting out. I set an emergency backup for 3:00am. However, I didn't need any of them because nature was there for me.

Just minutes before my first cell phone alarm went off, (at about 2:45 am) I awoke to flashes of light and noise. It was a storm. Willamena was no where to be found. She somehow squeezed her 70 pound body into a ten pound space between my bed and the wall. She doesn't like loud storms. After several minutes of snoozing to the rhythm of the rain, I grabbed my Flip cam since the thunder didn't want to stop. It was like someone pounding a bass drum every once in a while with no consideration of the actual drum beat.

The storm seemed louder than the camera picked up. But then I was probably just worried about walking Willamena and driving to work. I actually like the noise. I should loop it and play it as background music. Maybe I'll use it in a future song. (There is a good flash of lightning and clap of thunder about two minutes in.) Also, you can hear my cell phone alarm at the end of the recording. I had to get up at some point.


Anonymous said...

At least you were on time, right?

Heather Kovar said...

Tuesday- yes, I was early. Monday- I was a few minutes late, but still in time for the show. No doubt frazzled, and in my 10th hour at work, I see Pat. I'm sure looking my best... :)