Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Help the Willa-Beast choose a Halloween Costume!

Remember Willamena's visit to the Bull and Bears as a Mutt-ador?

Click here to read her post about the stock market last October and click here for the pics with the bears!

However, we still need to decide what Willamena will wear this Halloween! I was thinking lab- tekkie. Maybe put a white coat and give her an i-Paw. I'm holding out for something better. Send me your ideas.

Every year we revisit the Willa-beast's haunted tour of NYC-
so CLICK HERE ...if you DARE...

Oh, she has also already been "Super-Mena."

But don't worry, I'm sure I'll find something with all the help retailers are sending.
I think the emails starting arriving mid-September.
Amazon, ebay and a company I don't remember ever ordering from, filled my in-box with titles such as "$10 Off Costumes." "Don't be left without a costume!" "The best ones are going fast."

They're said to be spooked about consumer spending this entire upcoming holiday season. A survey by the National Retail Federation says Americans plan to spend 15-percent less on Halloween this year.
Even following a dismal retail report yesterday, futures are up this morning. News 12 Business Reporter Bob Plunkett says some analysts think that after everyone's "NO-spending sprees" all year, as soon as people start shopping for gifts, they WILL make the impulse buys for themselves.

After all the tricks, maybe it is time to treat yourself.
In moderation.

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sauerkraut said...

You could dress her up as an over-sized woopie cushion... course we know that dogs never do that!