Sunday, December 30, 2018

It's Been a Long, Long Time

I've been locked out of this blog due to a password situation oh, for more than four years now!  I also lost access to the phone number linked to the account, so I couldn't receive the code they would send. However, something magical must have happened as I was able to get access once again.

In catching up, maybe the most difficult part is not having my side-kick Willamena by my side to capture NYC. I am also now in Albany. I mean Schenectady. Wait, it's actually Niskayuna.

For whatever reason, I was granted access back on this New Year's EVE EVE. It all started as I was looking for old pictures of ringing in "New Year's Eve" in Times Square. We would visit around 6am or so and be clear of the area before tourists were allowed to gather.

 So here are a few pics of years past.
And here is to the year ahead, 2019.

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