Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Morning After.
After all her pre-St. Patrick's day touring (did you see her Connecticut Irish tour? Click here) and her frolicking in the new snow, McMena needs a day at the spa.
Actually, she took it easy St. Patrick's night, turning in early even though the dog upstairs barked all night and cheers and chants could be heard from the street all the way up to her 11th floor pad. The morning after St. Paddy's Mena was back out by 7:30am enjoying off-leash hours.
Okay, so there is one more thing Willamena likes as much as treats and the first morning after a snowfall.


This dog will try to swim in puddles, fountains and
even those little ponds some people have in front of their homes.
So this morning was a bit of a temptation for her. Again,

back when she was young, the taz-mena devil, she could never have been trusted off the leash by water. Actually, she couldn't have been trusted on leash by water. She would have pulled

me in here.


Scott J said...

Heather, I love your site. You are this Fridays Favorite Blog Site. I profile a web site I like each Friday. Come and visit.

Mike said...

The beast a swimmer? Oh Go On! LOL Most dogs love to swim. why else would they have termed it the "Dog Paddle?"


icey said...

wowie i c u rly love dogs.