Monday, March 26, 2007

What a weekend in New York City!
It is finally here! It is starting to feel like Spring. The outdoor restaurants in the parks are opening. Willmena visited one in Central Park as well as Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.
This is where you see her with her Pooch-ini. It is frozen custard, p-nut butter and dog treats.
This being the first open weekend of the season for Shake Shack, you have to have patience. The line around the park waiting for hamburgers, dogs, custard and drinks was almost as long as the string of drool that hung from Mena's lips by the time my buzzer alerted me our order was ready. Mena also sampled the Taxi Dog and Chicago Dog. She will write about those in her upcoming Hot Doggie Tour of New York City.


Mike said...

You are as bad as my brother in Vegas. He BUYS frozen dog ice cream.

People and their pets.

Heather Kovar said...

Yes! They make all kinds of frozen little dishes of ice cream for dogs. I was given a promotional box in Central Park at a dog event once. She loved it so I bought one box afterwards. But since I don't grocery shop for me, ice cream in the freezer for her is a rarity. I'm better at buying her cones on the street. Because yes she gets her own cone. Then usually half of mine.

30-Something Girl said...

Hi Heather,

I love the pictures of your dog! Well I just stumbled on your blog and thought I'd say hello from Atlanta.