Thursday, February 08, 2007

It IS Fashion Week in New York City. And Willamena is turning heads as she prances her runways of hallways, New City streets and Central Park with her attire.
snow 003Despite the scoopneck and 80's inspired knot at the waist, I wasn't trying to make a statement or inspire Spring trends.
snow 001 Willamena's designer dud made it's debut on Madison Avenue in the mid 70's. I was thinking of how having her with me kept me from spending any money in the sparkling stores. Though if a store owner let me in with her, she would cost me big in the damages done by her violent eight-pound tail.
Interrupting my thought, a lady walking her 5-pound mini-Mena screeched, "What a cute t-shirt!
Feeling inadequate to her dog's fur-lined leather parka, I say it's vet-recommened to help soak up any leakage from her recent stitches.
"Oh, well it's still very cute. I just thought you were being CREATIVE trying to use your old t-shirts."
I guess if you can't afford the labels, you can just be creative. But that's what I love about New York City. It's okay to be creative. And respected. Even on Madison Avenue.
The next comment came from a street vendor, "Dog wear T-shirts now!" (Dog is not a typo.)
Other comments I've had to endure include people pointing and saying, "look at the dog in a shirt!"
"A t-shirt on a dog!"
"I guess it keeps her warm."
Uh, no. It's been 16 degrees with a wind chill of zero or below. A T-shirt is pretty much useless.
As fashion week wraps up, it is also time for t-shirt to come off.
Just wait till it snows and she has to wear her booties. (She has very sensitive paws.) I'll never forget the excitement of a tourist once. "Dogs wear SHOES in New York City!"

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