Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thank you for the concern from those of you who questioned how Willamena is healing from her dog bite. I am proud to say she is recovering fabulously from the shame of having to wear that t-shirt around New York City. The wound is also healing with great speed. I have to say I wasn't expecting a nearly nine-year-old dog to recover as well as she did. (Shhhh- don't say anything. I'm planning a party in April.)
Willamena didn't come out to the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration. First, the streets were too crowded and second she was still in mourning over the end of the Year of The Dog. However, with St.Patrick's Day on the way, she is already wearing her "Kiss Me I'm Irish" collar and planning her tour of Irish bars in New York City.I figure as mutted as she is, she must have some Irish in her!


Craig said...

Glad to hear Willamena is doing well. Looking forward to more Willamena in NYC photos.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the beast is healing well and getting ready for St. P's day.

I see you have turned to the dark side with the blog color. I have to admit - I don't care for it, but that is just me. Remember , it is your blog.

Have a great weekend - I am off to Vegas.

Heather Kovar said...

Mike- I don't especially like the black background either, especially because it doesn't work well if you try to print it!
I changed it because I had some problem with my former format- it worked fine this way. I'm still playing, though, so look for a lighter background soon!
Thanks for the comment. H

Anonymous said...

OIC. I had some downtime in Vegas today and decided to plug your site. Nothing too flashy, just some words on a page. Take a look here.