Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Chinese New Year Discovery
The sign on the bin read "White Lychee." And the man at Kam Man Food Products on 200 Canal said "one per cup only."

However a a search on the net reveals "one per POT."
It's called flowering tea, and is hand-sewn white tea leaves around what I think is an amaranth flower. It's called Lychee because its made to resemble a lychee nut until it opens up when brewed.
Since I don't have a clear pot or mug, I used a wine glass. Why not, right? I use them for everything else.
This flowering tea tastes similar to jasmine tea.
However, like had I opened a beer or bottle of wine, Willamena did not drool over it. But I'm still going back for more tea pods.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, send me some of those. LOL

Sounds cool. It has been a while since I visited China Town in downtown LA. Maybe it is time for a trip.