Friday, June 29, 2007

I-PHONE? Thought it was my I-PAW!
Willamena wanted to check out the hype that had people lining up and sleeping outside of the Apple Store in New York City here on 5th Avenue, as well as at at stores around the country, for the past week.

Here you can see her favorite Plaza Hotel through the glass store.

She arrived just hours before the I-Phone went on sale. Despite security guards, media and the crowds, Mena was able to circle the store, looking for a place to cut the line.

However, once this I-Dog realized the fuss was over an I-Phone instead of her eagerly anticipated I-PAW, she became more interested in I-Cookies.

She still had a good time, pushing through the crowd to get an upclose view of the action.

And of course, the News Hound had to hang around with the photo crews.

Though, even had it been the I-PAW that was going on sale, she admits she wouldn't have wanted to spend the past several days in the oppressive heat and thunderstorms to get one.

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Getty72 said...

Wow! What a fascinating and entertaining blog. I have really enjoyed having a browse through your articles and photographs. Willamena looks a real cute dog too.

Kindest regards ~ Graham