Sunday, June 10, 2007

Puerto Rican Day Parade in the Park

Wigglemena, aka Mena-udo, really wanted to shake it at this 50th Puerto Rican Day parade in New York City, but she just couldn't squeeze safely through the crowd to do so.
The parade runs from 44th to 86th along 5th, so the first effort was 72nd and 5th. That is where she usually sees the St. Patrick's Day parade, but it was much more crowded today than she is used to. Organizers did expect more than 80-thousand people to attend. City figures show more than 789, 000 Puerto Ricans live in New York City.

Mena tried a different spot, near Central Park South and 59th. But still, she couldn't get close enough to the actual parade on 5th Avenue to see superstars Ricky Martin or Jennifer Lopez, or even any floats for that matter. You'll have to read this New York Newsday article for what was going on along 5th.

However, we did see the "second tier" parade. Lines of non-stop people walking through Central Park, trying to get to a spot where they could see the main parade.

Before heading back, Mena spotted a drinking trough for dogs, donated to the city by the ASPCA. But instead just lapping it up, she took a lap. She jumped right in to cool off. You can see in the bottom picture the approaching jealous German Shephard. The hair down the middle of his back is standing up! Yet Mena wasn't phased.
See, she got to shake it anyway. Shook off the snarl from the dog and the water, then she enjoyed the rest of the second-tier parade.

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