Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Some of the pictures of Willamena roaming New York City are on display at a Jaguar Dealership in Connecticut.
She also took some pics with Jags around New York. We found one parked in front of the "New York Cat Hospital" on the west side. Check back- I'll get one of those posted soon!
Mena's art is up along with some of my paintings. Here are pictures of us hanging the artwork.

Here I am with my new Jag.
Mena likes this one because she likes riding with the top down.


Craig said...

Fantastic Heather!

Priscilla Lynn said...

Hey, Mena, your mom's a real trip, plus a darned good artist and photographer, too. Actually the place you're featured is called Crest Lincoln, Mercury, Jaguar in Woodbridge, Connecticut, of all places! You go girldog!